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Rumor - Goku's not the main character in DBZ 2015 movie

It has been stated that the upcoming new Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie may not star Goku (or his family) at all. Perhaps Vegeta will take the lead?

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Delsin_Rowe2688d ago

Nope Goku will always be the main character, I like his humor but vegeta got no humor, his not worthy to take the lead.

cemelc2687d ago

Vegetta should lead, he is funny in an evil way and its been long overdue a vegetta centric ark

Cronoa7x2687d ago

He wasnt always the main characters, in several movies and some filler arc from Z in fact.

tayz2687d ago

I also want to see Vegeta lead!

Unztayble2687d ago

It's Vegeta's turn to go SSJ God now.

dboyman2687d ago

Then next movie its Gohan's turn...

Fringe_Agent132687d ago

This rumor has come up before. It is indeed his turn to go SSJ God.

hkgamer2687d ago

gohan should have been thr main character since goku let him fight cell.

ressurecting goku after that was juat stupid

CrimsonDragon902687d ago

A DBZ movie without Goku kind of sucks.

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