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Sailor Moon Crystal Act.1 & Act.2: Let’s Get Hyped

oprainfall’s Antonin Kořenek writes:

“My first impressions were great. The show was visually stunning, and the voice work was close enough to what I remembered to keep me happy, which is good, considering they’re using the original voice actor for Usagi, Kotono Mitsuishi. It’d be rather embarrassing if it didn’t. I was hit with all sorts of feels as I realized I was rewatching a show from my childhood in a brand-new form. That opening song was pretty sweet, and I loved that power metal guitar riff. I think it really added some freshness to the whole thing, since I can’t remember the last time I heard an anime opening with power metal in it.

“The whole experience felt as if I had run into an old friend after years of being apart, and they had a complete makeover or two, possibly some cosmetic surgery. Or a really fancy tux.”

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