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Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode #17 Anime Review | Fandom Post

10,000 dragons doesn’t seem too bad.

What They Say:
“In My Stead”

The true menace of the opened Eclipse portal becomes clear as one dragon after another lumbers through, intent on murdering everyone. Only a Celestial Spirit wizard can close the portal, but will Lucy be able to do it before all 10,000 dragons enter the world from 400 years in the past?!

The Review:
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The plot of this entire arc has been way too complex. What should have been a great homecoming and victory for Fairy Tail becomes a fight for not only the guild, but Fiore. The plot devices that Fairy Tail has in play here just aren’t working. The mystery becomes about the mystery and not about the answer. Once we learn the answer, we’re left with head in hands instead of arms in air with that “Whoa!” look on our face. I don’t care that there are only seven dragons instead of 10,000. I don’t care that future Rogue is a jerk and apparently killed future Sting and ate his brain for power or something.

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