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The File of Young Kindaichi Returns Episode #16 Anime Review | Fandom Post

With the murderer revealed, things now start to get tense.

What They Say:
Hajime and Akechi team up to expose Captain Shida’s killer… or is that killers?! Whatever the case, it leads to a situation where the plane itself (including the hundreds of passengers inside) is put in a perilous position and only one person has a shot of saving them all… but it’s not Hajime!

The Review:
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With death aboard the flight that Kindaichi and others are on board, it’s going to be a pretty tense investigation. Hell, once the captain gets murdered, it’s easy to imagine a full on panic setting in. Murders on planes mid-flight are a rarity for obvious reasons, but there’s plenty of ways to perform it while not being there yourself. But where’s the fun in setting that kind of stage up since Kindaichi and the others wouldn’t have their hands on the actual perpetrator. And there’s a lot of fun in figuring out who is actually guilty with what we’re seeing going on here as there is a naturally limited pool of subjects. All it comes down to it is motivation and figuring that out can be the hardest but most interesting part.

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