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Tokyo Ghoul Episode #02 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Fight or Flight

What They Say:
Kaneki desperately fights the urge to eat human flesh, the only thing that can satisfy his hunger as a ghoul. He meets up with Hide again, joining him on an errand, and is glad for the companionship. But will his declining condition place Hide at risk?

The Review:
 Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Dealing with the effects of the end of the last episode, Kaneki finds he is not entirely alone in the world. Toka berates Kaneki about complaining how awful his life is now, while pointing out that ghouls, it seems, are born the way they are. You don’t become one, so ghouls don’t know what cake taste likes, or good a can of soda feels going down. But, it turns out – they can enjoy coffee. Toka, as well as an older gentlemen that seems to own the coffee shop she works in, take Kaneki in, as he says “it’s our policy to help our fellow ghouls.” He provides Kaneki with a small piece of flesh, enough to sustain him, and offers for him to come back anytime he wants for more. He also reveals that ghouls, through the ages, have been able to enjoy coffee like humans do – a strange fact, but after all, is coffee not the universal beverage?

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