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Himegoto Episode #01 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Forced crossdressing is never cool. But it can lead to amusing stories.
What They Say:
The story follows Hime Arikawa, whose absent parents have left with saddled with a huge debt. After being saved from debt collectors by three girls on the student council, in exchange for paying off his debt, he agrees to spend the rest of his high school career dressed as a girl.

The Review:
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Based on the manga by Norio Tsukudani, Himegoto, aka Secret Princess,is a three volume ongoing manga series that’s being animated by Asahi Production as one of the new short form shows of the season. The show got a late start from Crunchyroll, but that’s all good as it’s easy to catch up. The premise of the show is familiar yet fun as Hime is a second year high school student who is rather effeminate looking that got caught up in some debt issues because of his missing parents. The student council at his school rescued him, b...

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