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Your First Finished Anime Is Like Your First Girlfriend

Mr. Flaw compares the first anime he finished (Ginban Kaleidoscope) to having a girlfriend in highschool.

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Flawfinder2310d ago

I'm getting (sort of) personal. Nooooo!

noxeven2310d ago

I feel as though a lot of us first finished anime where ones that were already finished then we developed different tastes and learned how the internet worked and that allowed us to watch and read new things. I know for some that lets use naruto for example is a major first for a lot of people and that's still going and when that's done will it be the first anime they finished or the first one they started watching/ reading that finally finished.

mydyingparadiselost2309d ago

Neon Genesis Evangelion was my first finished anime, which was then followed by watching the first 1/3rd of Tenchi Muyo along with the first movie. (it was all my rental place has... On VHS) I still hold most of the some I watched in my high school years above just about everything that's released now, the stories and art had more put into them than 98% of the anime that's released now.Stuff like SAO, Naruto, Bleach and just about everything involving look girls just doesn't match up to stuff like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Eva, X, Appleseed, Ninja Scroll, Tenchi Muyo, Gunsmith Cats or even the more sub par things like Plastic Little.
There are still winners out there, and I'm sure part of the issue is that so much is available now compared to the mid 90's, but I'll always hold the stuff I first experience in a special place in my heart.... Unlike my first girlfriend, screw her!

Baka-akaB2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I had pretty much access to most existing anime back in the 90s (albeit obviously not translated) wich is why i can't agree with that line of thought . People are definitively blurring nostalgia , with the simple fact , that with anime only a growing market in the west back then , a lot more scrutiny and effort were put into bringing mostly hits and masterpieces over .

there are obviously changes of trend through the eras , like the rise of the already existing "moe" , threatening over the previous trends like "mecha" anime . But i dont feel there was necessarily a drop in the quality .

It seems all cyclical , especially when you look at a genre like shonen manga and anime , where there will always be a struggling gap period , in which they'll try finding successors for juggernaut titles that ended . It was like that between Dbz and the coming of One piece (and Hxh , Bleach , Naruto) .

mydyingparadiselost2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Honestly you make a lot of sense, I didn't have access to a majority of anime titles through the 90's, it was only what was available at my local rental stores which was pretty much, as you said, the hits and masterpieces of the time.
I understand its a perception issue but at the same time the over reliance on tropes, shoddy animation quality and overused plot points is bad for any form of entertainment, be it Hollywood or Funimation, and it's just more apparent now than it was then for anime. I still find stuff I like it just takes more searching to find it, which results in me watching less than I used to and finding less that I really enjoy.