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SnapThirty Presents: Two Idiots Play Cardfight Vanguard

Frank Inglese writes:

Ever since the creation of man, we’ve each tried to be the best at something. Every generation has something to pin their name to, and with that comes many individuals who long to be revered as the very best in their particular fields. Luke Halliday, on the other hands, doesn’t care too much for that. He doesn’t long to be the the king of something, he doesn’t bother with silly details like titles or ranks.

Luke Halliday, instead, feeds off of the life force of others whom he beats in menial activities like walking, running and even, to a certain degree, breathing. It’s the little victories that count for this man and that is why he decided to challenge me, Frank Inglese, to a couple games of the highly-acclaimed card game ‘Cardfight Vanguard’...

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