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Akame ga Kill: Episode 5 – Everyone’s Favorite Character Shows Up!

For less than a minute of screen time! But in that min–I mean 50 seconds max of time she’s had, Esdeath has had more charisma, more life, and more…anything than anything else in this show. Treasure that time dear viewers. Because attached to it is about 22 minutes of crap that has more banality to it than the diary of a moe girl. - Mr. Flawfinder

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Flawfinder2306d ago

Why is this thing popular again?

TXIDarkAvenger2306d ago

Why wouldn't it be popular? (serious question)

Killa782306d ago

This episode was pretty pathetic.

The army of the North that had never lost, wiped out so quickly.

And how somebody so careless is a proficient killer? How it has no emotional effect? Lol.