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Three Things I Want to See In The Next Dragon Ball Z Film

JM: Last night I went to see the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film at my local movie theater, and it was awesome. However, after watching this film for the second time, I have some suggestions for the next film.Yes, if you’ve been out of the loop, a new Dragon Ball Z film has been confirmed for next year. While I did enjoy Battle of Gods, there a few things that really didn’t sit well with me.

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colonel1793146d ago

The story of Battle of the Gods was interesting, but felt like the entire movie was just a prologue. There was barely any action and a lot of characters were wasted.

Hopefully the next movie has much more action and balances the fight between all of the important characters and not just center it on Goku.

DarkBlood3146d ago

Well I can say vegeta is going to get as much lead as goku did here followed by more movies where others will likely get leads. Seeing as this is becoming a series by movies or tv im not sure I think I rather movies for these things.

as for the article suggestion of vegeto it wont work and frankly the powers are redundant compared to super sayain god at this point I mean did you not see how they measured up to beerus? Put this goku with his learning experience now against absorbed majin buu form and goku would manhandle him

UltraNova3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Three things I DONT want to see in the next DBZ film:

1)More than 3 minutes of campy fillers
2)More than 3 minutes of campy fillers


3)More than 3 minutes of campy fillers.


Sano643146d ago

Battle of the Gods was a big let down for me. I had more fun watching this fan made Dragonball then the real thing.

Deadpool6163145d ago

The movie was okay. It just felt like a prologue more than a complete story.