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What Is The Purpose of Sailor Moon Crystal’s Existence?

Mr. Flaw questions why the new Sailor Moon exists at all.

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Flawfinder2273d ago

No seriously, what's the purpose of its existence?

gaffyh2273d ago

I never watched the original, so watched a couple of these eps, and it was absolutely terrible IMO. The main character is completely unlikeable, it might have worked when it originally aired, but now it feels out of date.

Lord_Sloth2272d ago

The original strayed from the Manga. Crystal is supposed to follow it more closely.

Crystal is to Sailor Moon what Brotherhood is to Fullmetal Alchemist.

frjoethesecond2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

It's better than the original so far. IMO.

andrewer2273d ago

Because it's Sailor Moon \o/

paradigmfellow2273d ago

The problem is that it is only 26 episodes. I was expecting the whole manga story.

frjoethesecond2273d ago

Without all the fluff from the first series, they'll probably be able to do the entire first arc in 26 only episodes.

JD_Shadow2272d ago

More than that if they play it straight. The Dark Kingdom arc was only 13 or so acts in the manga. The other acts are the Black Moon arc (Rubeus and the Death Phantom). So, in short, you have a chance to see both of the arcs in one season. Naoko wasn't screwing around: she got right to the point.

paradigmfellow2272d ago

I want all of the arcs. I want to see the actual true manga ending in anime form.

JD_Shadow2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Why do ANY remakes or reboots happen, or exist, at all? They take advantage of an untapped fan base that wants to be satisfied.

But this blog (this is a random blog by a random person) is assuming that no one wanted this. You should've seen Facebook when it was announced that Viz got the dubbing rights. It was one of the top trending topics throughout the day that it was announced, with places like Variety and Zap2It reporting it.

Crystal is constantly on the popular list on Hulu Plus when a new episode debuts (the first episode got over a million views on NicoNico, and on Hulu, it beat some top rated State side network shows).

And yet, this blog calls this show the "Duke Nukem Forever" of anime (really, dude?) and the genre (which genre are you referring to, because SM belongs to a few different genres?) is dying! According to who?

And the ATTITUDE that this person brings. Good lord, is it ever bad! If you don't like it, don't watch it (no one is forcing you to), but quit complaining about the people that are enjoying and calling out how awful your attempt to justify your hatred is.

Simply: it's okay to not like things, but don't act like THIS about it (seriously, go look at how this person responded to a commenter)!

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