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Reika SMASH! 2014 Panel, The Art of Cosplay

Over this past weekend at SMASH! 2014 at the Rose Hill Gardens, cosplay superstar Reika held panels for her adoring fans, discussing her love of cosplay and the detailed artistry that goes into crafting the perfect cosplay.

Reika is arguably Japan’s best cosplayer, having won numerous cosplay competitions in her home nation as well as internationally. She has garnered global acclaim for her cosplay performances as characters such as Levi from Attack on Titan, Tobio from Haikyuu, Sakon Shima from Sengoku Basara and many many more.

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futurefrog2295d ago

She is a truly inspirational person

Alxe2294d ago

nice... looking epic

F-Inglese-942294d ago

It's so nice to see that she has such dedicated fans. Celebrities dream of this kind of dedication