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Wonderful Colour! Cai’s Digital Colouring Workshop At SMASH! 2014

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Imagine a world in black and white. It’d be like living in a television program from the 40s and I can probably guess that it wouldn’t be too exciting. Had life been exactly the way it looked on a monochrome TV, we’d all be living a pretty bleak existence but we wouldn’t really know any better. Thank the lords there’s such thing as colour in this universe because without it, well…do I really need to go on? The Manga medium is quite an interesting one; it’s entirely in black and white but is somehow still engaging enough to keep our attention and have us flicking to the next page.

Western Comic Books sometimes take it a step above that and colour is added to the pages of a series. This colour, when done well, brings about a level of enjoyment from a still image not thought possible until the moment of eye contact. Both illustrated mediums do what they do very well but it is always the pages that explode with vibrance and colour that tend to grab my attention, this I feel is the same with many people that I know. Though, of course, not all. Colour is a powerful tool, especially within visual mediums like Manga and Comic Books, and it was at Cai Tse’s ‘Digital Colouring’ workshop that my level of interest in working solely with colours rose to unimaginable heights.

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F-Inglese-942294d ago

Quite the interesting workshop

KBug932294d ago

Totally agree, it definitely makes me want to buy a wacom