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Practice Makes Perfect! The ‘How To Improve Your Drawing’ Workshop At SMASH! 2014

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Every person in the world with at least the slightest bit of drive wants to be the very best at something. Occasionally we dig ourselves holes of negativity with counter-constructive thoughts like “why aren’t I as good as X” or “why can’t I even draw X”. These thoughts plague artists every single day and, in some extreme examples, even cause some to rethink their life goals and give up on a life of design. This is a trend that must be stopped and the extremely talented Cecilia Jin seems as though she’s the perfect figurehead to lead a revolution of this kind...

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F-Inglese-942294d ago

This was a great panel to be at but the cutting short is unfortunate

KBug932294d ago

She's a great teacher, I saw her panel last year too