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The ‘Cosplay in Today’s Media’ Panel at SMASH! 2014

Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes:

Conventions. The place where fans of all descriptions gather together to enjoy their shared interest. Panels, stalls, guests. Fun times. But whilst some simply enjoy taking in the atmosphere, some wish to take a more active role in creating said atmosphere. I speak of course of cosplayers. Those select fans who take the opportunity to live their favourite series and embody a character. As time has passed, this practice has only seen an increase in popularity, spreading far beyond the walls of the traditional convention. But with this spread has come a certain uncertainty in the limits and definition of the practice of cosplay. Thus, at SMASH! 2014, a panel was held to explain cosplay in today’s media, aptly entitled Cosplay in Today’s Media...

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F-Inglese-942295d ago

It was an interesting panel, it's definitely an interesting topic, that's for sure

KBug932295d ago

I'm a big fan of buff misty, if you know what I mean ;)