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Hunter x Hunter anime to end on episode 148

It has been revealed in an interview that the Hunter x Hunter anime will conclude on episode 148.

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koga882294d ago

This is sad, but in a way it is probably for the best. I doubt many HxH fans would want to watch the series devolve into numerous filler arcs while the manga tried to gain ground.

Hopefully we'll see a continuation sometime in the future, barring any year or two long hiatuses.

SynGamer2294d ago

So is the anime ahead of the manga? Vice versa? One thing that has always held me back on shows with this many episodes is "when will it end"? That's one of the very reasons I haven't touched Bleach or Naruto...there's just too much...

DEATHxTHExKIDx2294d ago

The manga is ahead of the anime. The manga recently got off a 2year hiatus and the next arc has nowhere near enough content for another season.

I personally dont watch Naruto, Bleach or One Piece anime too long too many filler arcs and pacing issues.

koga882294d ago

The manga is ahead, but not by very much. There have only been around nine or so chapters past the current arc and even now he has went on hiatus a few times since returning from that really long one. If nothing else the anime will conclude the current arc but nothing past that.

Marow2294d ago

The manga is currently 9 chapters ahead of where the anime will end, so there's nothing else to cover. The new arc also seems to be large, much like Chimera Ant which took 10 years. This new arc could go on just as long. We won't see any more Hunter x Hunter anime for a long while, unless it becomes an OVA anime which I highly doubt due to Togashi's frequent hiatuses.

I guess we might see another movie or something, but Hunter x Hunter is now over. Most likely for forever.

That being said, the anime will end at a fantastic place and I would've been fine with the manga ending at that spot. It'll be a good ending.

Harkins17212294d ago

Well 366 for bleach with 100 being filler isn't alot. Same with Naruto. I just watch other anime to pass the time and when Naruto and Bleach have gained some ground I watch them again.Naruto is soon ending. Bleach says it's done but the manga is on its final arc which could air again.

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Marow2294d ago

Well, it was to be expected. It's still sad to hear it confirmed. :(