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Meet Burndy World – ‘One Piece’ Special ‘3D2Y’ Original Characters Reveiled

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

We’ve known about this special for quite some time now and we’ve heard a great deal about what we’re to expect in the movie-like Anime event but we haven’t actually been shown who Luffy will be going up against. I know for a fact that Anime fans have been waiting in high anticipation to see what Mr. Burndy World and his antagonistic pirate crew look like, and today the powers at be have finally given us a look at the characters who will test the strength of our mighty pirate hero.

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Snapodile2457d ago

I really like Luffy's hoodie vest, I kinda wish he could have it all the time

KBug932457d ago

Another sexy one piece lady added to the mix