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Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Trailer Revealed

With two live action films screening this year, one this past August and another scheduled to release soon in mid-September, you could say it definitely has been a big year for the beloved Samurai X.

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Nagisa_Rodriguez2495d ago

Good luck trying to find it =/

BrunoM2494d ago

Watch it I just did the first one a week ago

And to the point or friend on 1.1 xbmc-mashup ;)

13lackDeath2494d ago

Watching it in the United States is simple. Wait for it to be released on BlueRay Region Free on Amazon.UK and Order it. I did it with the first one and the Quality is AMAZING! Fantastic movie, I highly recommend it.

We'll all be waiting until the beginning of next year or mid next year 2015 to actually watch it that way however.