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NYCC Batman: Arkham Origins Play Arts -Kai- Deathstroke [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: You know the best thing about Comic Book conventions? The exclusive items for that particular con in your state and this time New York Comic Con gets a special guest toy sale of Slade Wilson. That’s right limited to only 500, you can now pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins Play Arts -Kai- version of Deathstroke. That psychotic assassin can be yours if you act right now.

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Kaitou2599d ago


What did I miss?

SavageKuma2599d ago

What do you mean? Pretty this is Made by Square Enix Play Arts Kai people. So it can be posted here on AnimeShinbun.

Kaitou2599d ago

Not going to argue if it's acceptable but it's a pretty silly loophole.

TheHergulaX2599d ago

Yeah, this is wrongly approved in my optinion as well.

This has nothing to do with Anime related articles... quite disappointed at the people who approved this one... oh well..

SavageKuma2598d ago

Let me ask your both. Did you say something when someone else posted about the Play Arts Hawkman Figure or the article I did of StarFire figure. Its in the rules especially when it comes to merchandising from the Japanese market. If Naruto was remade as a toy by western coming making him more western looking, I bet it would not be approved. Hell even the anime of Punisher and Black Widow was approved. I think you will be okay.