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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Japanese Anime DVD/BD Releases Get Commercial Collection

As we get to the end of the summer season, the commercial spots pile up to remind fans in Japan to order and buy the first volumes of the series as they hit. The latest one to do that is the production channel for Tokyo Ghoul, which is doing things nice as it’s getting a four volume release beginning on September 26th, 2014 and running through December 26th, 2014. And while the prices are a touch higher, it’s not significantly so compared to a lot of 2 episode releases we see, especially since they’re listed as limited edition releases. The Blu-ray releases are priced at 8,800 yen each while the DVDs are slotted at 7,800 yen each. The first volume has a few details to it so far in that the LE will come with a CD as well as a small booklet while on disc extras include an audio commentary, some form of bonus anime (likely a short) and the usual array of TV spots and promotional videos.

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