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"Gundam Reconguista in G" Gets a Magnificent New Trailer

Yoshiyuki Tomino’s baby “G-Reco” just got a brand new trailer, a 2-minute promotional video that gives a perfect little look into the upcoming anime television series. The greatest thing about the video is that you can clearly see how Tomino’s old-school style mixes with the new-school style, making for quite the unique looking anime.

“G-Reco” will take place in a timeline called Regild Century, in the year R.C. 1014. It follows the character named Bellri Zenam, a young male pilot who is a member of the Capital Guard, an organization that protects the orbital elevator. Soon, Bellri finds himself in a fight against a Pirate Corps and captures a highly advanced mobile suit named G-Self, and its pilot Aida Surgan. Soon after these events, Bellri gets involved in something much greater than he had ever anticipated, a truth that will shake the Regild Century.

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