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Guilty Gear Xrd Sign screenshots show off PlayStation 4's cel-shading power

Check out the new Guilty Gear Xrd Sign screenshots showing off the cel-shading power of PlayStation 4.

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zerocrossing2568d ago

Looks amazing! I'd have thought the images were of a 2D game had I not known better :)

Cryptcuzz2568d ago

What's even more shocking is the engine being used to create these awesome cell-shading graphics is Unreal Engine! Unreal engine is known last gen to have a plastic-y look to their games and its amazing how versatile the engine can be with the right developer.

zerocrossing2568d ago

Wow! That is a shock. I remember the "plastic-y look" issue a lot of games created in the Unreal Engine had, never would have guessed this game was built with the same engine.

Definitely looking forward to getting hands on with Guilty Gear Xrd Sign.

Cryptcuzz2568d ago

Yeah, its created with Unreal engine -shocking to me when I found out too.

I can't wait to get GG: Xrd Sign as well and hope Capcom will go with a similar style for Street Fighter 5.


Yi-Long2568d ago

Or, better yet, Street Fighter Alpha 4, so you can really focus on that 2D sprite-based ANIME look, which the Alpha series is known for.

Cryptcuzz2568d ago


A new next gen Street Fighter Alpha would be a dream come true for me (I'm sure for many others as well) since that was my favorite street fighter game of all time . I liked SF 4 as well, but didn't like its art style and art direction for its characters.

tekksin2568d ago

I am floored that those are in 3D, to be totally honest.