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Viz Media Sets New ‘Death Note’ Anime DVD Set

One of the things that I keep hoping for with Viz Media in their turnaround in the last few years is that they go back to some of the older licenses they have and breathe a little bit of new life into them, especially for one that should have a longer shelf life. In a bit of a weird move overall, Death Note is coming back into play as the first half of the series is getting a new DVD release. The set, which contains the first twenty episodes, was originally released in 2008 and the second half of it was released in… 2013. Now, on November 4th, 2014, we’ll bet getting an updated packaging design for the release to complement that second set whose first set is likely a little hard to find in some places. The set is at least really well priced at just $24.98 and it retains the bilingual presentation and all the extras with Japanese Creators Interview, Behind the Scenes with the English Voice Cast, Audio Commentary.

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