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Essential Anime A Newbie Should Watch

Mr. Flaw makes a list of anime most newcomers should form an opinion of in order to get into the medium.

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Hold_It2565d ago

Cowboy Bebop
Darker Than Black

Then move on to
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
Ghost In The Sell SAC 2nd Gig

TXIDarkAvenger2565d ago

Eh some of the anime mentioned I wouldn't recommend to a newbie because I'm sure it would be overwhelming to see a 50+ anime. Not saying those are bad shows but short series like under 25 episodes are nice for an introduction.

Djinn2564d ago

There are must watch anime any newbie getting into anime must see:

Code Geass
Gurren Lagann
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Aratax2564d ago

The first anime I started watching (other than Pokemon/DBZ etc on morning tv) were Death Note and Daily Lives of High School Boys. I don't watch a whole lot of anime but those two series were a good introduction for me I reckon.

Articuno762564d ago

Daily Lives of High School Boys doesn't get enough recognition :D!

c316472564d ago

I completely agree with you, that is still the funniest anime I ever saw.

NukeDaHippies2564d ago

So how come Golden Boy is never on these lists?

Flawfinder2564d ago

Because Tenchi Muyo is already on?

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