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Mitsuru Adachi Can't Tell His Own Characters Apart

On a recent episode of TV Asahi's talk show Ametalk, veteran manga artist Mitsuru Adachi was given the challenge of identifying the Tatsuya Uesugi, the main character of Touch, one of his most popular manga series, from among three characters that he had drawn for other series. Much to his chagrin, and the internet's entertainment, Adachi got it wrong, proving that even he is unable to point to tell his characters apart. In his defense, the three characters are extremely hard to tell apart:

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Canary2561d ago

Even further in his defense, his character design has gotten a lot more... refined/identifiable unique over the years (the three in this article being from his earlier work); and he frequently notes the similarities between characters between different series in his work itself (either by way of meta self-disparagement, or characters calling other characters by the incorrect names of their counterparts in prior works).

I actually started reading Mix almost immediately after a re-read of Touch, and was immediately struck by how much Adachi's art has improved. Though, really, starting with Katsu! his work seems to have improved quite a bit.