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10 Anime That Show Off How Wildly Diverse The Medium Truly Is

GoBoiano: "You know, it’s okay. It’s okay to not like anime. Everybody is different and it’s good that we all have different tastes, interests, and hobbies. If one of your friends, or maybe more likely one of your parents tells you that they don’t like anime, there’s no need to get mad. Another thing you shouldn’t get upset over is if someone says “anime are just cartoons.” That’s technically true! What you should find yourself upset at, or at least second guessing, is when somebody says that anime are just cartoons insultingly. When many people outside of anime fandom don’t realize is that anime is as diverse a medium as films, novels, and video games. If you stop to think about it, there’s anime about as many different kinds of things as there are movies. From middle school kids raising pet monsters to battle evil, to a Japanese pop idol who begins to go delusional as she tries to become a movie, there’s literally an anime for everyone out there. Here’s a list of 10 completely different anime series that showcase how diverse a storytelling medium it really is."

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