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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 11 | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "As the episodes have rolled by and there have been so many other things to love about Nozaki-kun, it never even occurred to me that we would come back to Chiyo’s initial confession. So I was rather delighted to see how things are coming full circle, particularly as my concerns for any anime ending adapted from an ongoing manga are starting to creep in. It was really sweet to acknowledge how comfortable our main pair has become with each other, not through some melodramatic shared trauma or other unrealistic circumstances, but through good ol’ fashion spending time together. Nozaki’s little pranks were not only funny, particularly as Chiyo reached mass levels of paranoia, they also make you wonder, “just why is Nozaki working so hard to make a manga Chiyo will love?”."

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