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Anime You Might Have Missed: "Honey and Clover"

GoBoiano: "I’ve recently talked about how anime is diverse. There are thousands of different shows out there in the world of anime and it’s easy to get lost amongst the orange-haired ninja, the teenaged prince hell-bent on becoming the emperor, and the group of cute space alien anime girls all lusting after the same boring earthling. There’s anime about any and everything under the sun. And while it’s true plenty of it can become repetitive — in recent years anime has been more stuck in certain clichés and tropes than ever — there are still plenty of wonderful series out there unlike any others waiting to be discovered. Some of you might be watching new anime every week and that’s all well and good, but I hope some of you are willing to watch the older stuff. Of course, that’s the entire point of this series of articles, but I feel this one is a real special case. I really want to tell you about a show that’s unlike any other anime out there; not because how wild, zany, or colorful it is, but because of just how human and real it ends up being. An underappreciated gem of the 2000s; I’m talking about Honey and Clover."

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NyanCat2563d ago

I watched this series years ago, and it was completely refreshing! I hope people give this anime a look because it is well worth watching.