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US cops shot dead 'man in cosplay gear'

Tragic news has just come through with SBS reporting that an innocent cosplayer has been shot dead in cold blood at shopping mall in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Equally shocking is the fact that the men who pulled the trigger were Saratoga Springs police officers.

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F-Inglese-942564d ago

What is happening? Where do these officers get the confidence to unload 6 rounds into a young man for doing something that is seen almost every single day around the world? Cosplay is a 'thing'! You'd surely think these 'officers of the law' would be smart enough to look at a situation and understand it properly before acting: Young man, around the age of 20, wearing what looks to be a samurai outfit holding a huge sword that, considering the weight it would be, would surely have to be plastic or wood for a man his size to carry. This is...this is ridiculous.

futurefrog2564d ago

This is arguably the worst thing to ever happen to the cosplay community. Now cosplayers have to fear for the lives for dressing up and doing the thing they love? I am just in absolute shock by this unjustified criminal act by the Saratoga Springs police.

F-Inglese-942564d ago

To think, months ago it was that girl dressed as Ryuko Matoi that had the cops called on her for being dressed 'inappropriately'. That is now nothing compared to the death of a man doing no wrong.

mahmoods262564d ago

I'm confused.

How can a person be lunging at someone with a sword and then be shot 6 times in the back?

F-Inglese-942564d ago

That's the whole point. It's a huge contradiction and it's also what the Police said to the public. Obviously it was to cover their own arse but the autopsy proved otherwise.

Subby2564d ago

Probably not a good thing but nothing surprises me from United States law enforcement. They could have the craziest, most unfair story and it'd be just another day.