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HelghastKillzone's Fall 2014 Anime Preview l Project Otaku

Summer is almost over and that’s means new anime is just around the corner for all you Otakus to enjoy. It's time to take a look on what other Hype Trains I will be switching onto once the fall season gets underway.

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ProjectOtaku2551d ago

Really excited with Psycho-Pass 2, Chaika and Fate/stay Night being the top three shows I'm looking forward to.

tayz2550d ago

Might watch some of these. Inou-Battle seems the most interesting.

FullmetalAlchemist2550d ago

wth? I thought this was going to be about a Killzone anime or something :(

ProjectOtaku2550d ago

Dude, that would be too awesome to even think of such a thing.

FullmetalAlchemist2550d ago

ikr! thats why I'm a little disappointed lol