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8 Fantastic Shojo Manga Even Dudes Can Enjoy

GoBoiano: "Okay, so the title of the article might be a little misleading. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely an article about shoujo manga, which are Japanese comics that are typically made for teenage girls, that men can enjoy. However, if I were to give this article a more accurate title it would be “Great Shoujo Manga That Defy the Tropes of Shoujo Manga so Everyone Can Enjoy Them!” Now, shonen manga is more popular than shoujo manga across the board, even with girls. If you don’t read much shoujo, or if you have but find yourself burnt out on all the flower prints, sparkling eyes, and dull romances, this list of 8 shoujo manga that even dudes can enjoy can do you no wrong — even if you’re not a man."

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