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First ‘High School DxD New’ Anime Trailer Arrives

FUNimation is getting things moving right along for a series that’s a whole lot of T&A and a whole lot more than that as well with High School DxD New. The show is getting a DVD/BD release on November 11th, 2014 and they’ve now put out the first dub trailer for the show. The series is getting a pretty solid release that mirrors what we saw with the first season (and hopefully what we’ll see with the eventual third season) as it’s dual format, bilingual and chock full of extras beyond the twelve episode run that it has. Price at $69.98 for the limited edition, the set includes as extras the Textless Opening Song “Sympathy”, Textless Opening Song “Gekijouron” (Passionate Theory), Textless Closing Song “Houteishiki wa Kotaenai” (I Can’t Solve the Equation), Textless Closing Song “Raburii Debiru” (Lovely Devils), U.S. Trailer, High School DxD New Broadcast Commemoration Special: Yoko Hikasa’s Voice Acting High School, New Material from Ichiei Ishibumi! Fantasy Full-blast Gentleman’s Disc Club Promos – New!, Commercials and Promo Videos.

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