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GLASSLIP Episode #13 Anime Review (Season Finale) | Fandom Post

Finally, it’s over.

What They Say:
“Shooting Star”

Toko Fukami’s family runs a glassware craft studio. Toko and her friends often gather at Cafe Kazemichi, at her friend’s house, to relax. During the summer holidays in their final year, a new boy, Kakeru Okikura, joins their high school. He tells Toko that he can hear voices from the future. If she could know what happens in the future, what would she wish for? Toko feels a strange jolting sensation she has never felt before, while noticing an urge she cannot ignore welling up.

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koga882418d ago

Never watched a minute of this show, but from what I have seen people say over Twitter and react to it, this series has been an absolute trainwreck from beginning to end. Usually things like this have some sort of highlight but I guess this one was just a giant mess all the way through huh?