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First Thoughts: Terra Formars – The Good, The Bad And The Censored [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

I really, really, really hate insects. Like REALLY hate insects, I’m not sure you can fully understand just how much I despise the creepy crawlies. Apart from spiders, I’d have to say that cockroaches are the highest on my fear list so when a series like ‘Terra Formars’ is brought to my attention, I cannot help but look forward to seeing some gruesome bug-killing action. Now over here in Australia only the very first volume of the Manga has been released (Click Here to read my review of it) so it’s exciting for us to see an Anime series adaptation so ‘early’ in the piece. Obviously Japan has known about ‘Terra Formars’ for quite some time but it’s new to us and it’s very exciting to see on the big screen…that is, if you have a big screen to watch it on.

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SavageKuma2548d ago

Too much censoring going on these days in Anime. Either way great review. I found it confusing because Akari starts off vicious and the mood changes to him going all goofy with new friends.

F-Inglese-942547d ago

Let's all agree that this was not the best first episode...

NyanCat2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I totally agree! I don't read the manga, but I watched this with someone who did. He had to give me most of the background information that the episode lacked to tell. I honestly hope they get their crap together.