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Nekomonogatari White – Review (DVD/Blu-Ray Combo) [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

The interesting thing about cats is that they always land on their feet. I suppose heights don’t really bother them that much. It’s not like they can easily die of head trauma due to falling.

Even better is that they’re also thought to have nine lives so if one of those times the cat doesn’t live up to its reputation and unfortunately is killed, at least they have another eight to enjoy before true demise.

That’s great…when the cat is a simple family pet and not a supernatural presence brought about by extreme stress. To be completely honest; I’m more of a fan of dogs.

Cats aren’t really my thing and I think I have an idea why: They’re conniving, they’re sneaky and they’re elusive. They also, according to ‘Nekomonogatari White’, make for some pretty dangerous apparitions.

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futurefrog2548d ago

NEver really got into this series might give it a go

NyanCat2548d ago

I loved the first season of this series, but didn't continue on to the next seasons. This looks hella cute, will possibly jump back in.