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Magimoji Rurumo Episode 12 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Magimoji Rurumo 12 suffers from what many one-cour anime rely on: the ending-that's-not-really-a n-ending. Sure, it strives for some sort of dramatic tension; the episode-long story featuring a New Year's Day visit to a local shrine revolves around Kota and his friends forgetting Rurumo ever existed. Everyone seems to feel like something's missing, that there's this "girl" they were expecting to meet. They even see her in a photo and still can't quite place who she is. However, it's not as effective a plot as the creative team seemed to be going for. At no point did I consider Rurumo would be forgotten forever. At no point did Rurumo's magic play a role akin to that beyond the "mind wipe" spell. At no point was the sense of danger elevated, and the episode sorely lacked its usual amount of humor.

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