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Of Political Dimensions: Log Horizon and The Rise of Civilization

Enter Log Horizon, that ridiculously catchy Engrish refrain from the Opening Song “DATABASE,” and the virtual world of Elder Tales made real. Instead of focusing on that oh-so-compelling drama begot by the genre of MMORPGs, the sudden realization of people dying when they are killed, the show focuses instead on the bigger theme, the bigger picture amongst the chain of events this show’s own version of an “Apocalypse” produces.

Flung against their will into uncertain settings, cut off from their real-world relationships, everyone finds themselves in the nearest equivalent of the state of nature, in other words, what roughly amounts to anarchy, with every man for himself. Trying desperately to find the security that they individually have trouble providing themselves in terms of pondering, person, and/or possession, currently guildless players, or adventurers, scramble to join guilds to fill that gap, and many more casual guild members end up strengthening their existing guild ties, to protect themselves through both the force of arms and the fear of repute. And in order for these guilds to protect adventurers, and more so for those guilds that seek to exploit adventurers to the most profitable extent manageable, they need to grow larger and/or more influential. Out comes the dynamic of rich and poor, stronger and weaker, master and slave, few guilds overshadowing the smaller, less influential ones, in addition to the myriad guildless adventurers. The smaller, less influential guilds and guildless adventurers, as a response, stray from directly challenging the might of the larger, more influential guilds. And so we end up with a situation not too different from the petty fiefdom claims of the past, or the gang turf wars of the present...

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ZeroReq0112518d ago

Good day. I'm ZeroReq011, and this a take from Log Horizon. Feel free to comment, and please enjoy.

drizzom2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Good stuff. I know its not easy making these more in depth pieces about anime or other forms of media (the-artifice's work comes to mind) but its always appreciated when done.