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New Trailer For "Kamisama Kiss" Is Supernaturally Beatiful

It’s odd, different and purely loveable – it is Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita), an ongoing manga series written by Julietta Suzuki. Latest trailer for the anime adaptation is surely enjoyable, with the story revolving around a kiss, something that hardly comes as a surprise considering that the manga revolves around a lip-lock as well. The story focuses on Nanami, a girl who becomes homeless after her father leaves, yet soon finds a man who lets her stay over, only to discover the Shinto shrine. It turns out that the man is a deity, one who just transferred his status and yokai to Nanami, with the yokai’s name is Tomoe. The contract between him and Nanami can only be sealed with a kiss, and it doesn’t have to be french.

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