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Naruto the Movie: The Last New Leaks Reveals Naruto’s Children and All the Characters of the Movie

A lot of leaks have been recently released for the upcoming movie Naruto the Movie: The Last and some of them shows all the new characters that will appear in the movie including Naruto’s children. Yes, Naruto and Hinata are married and they have two twin children, a boy and a girl. The son’s name is Bolt and the daughter name is Hamawari. According to them, some new villains have also been revealed.

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TXIDarkAvenger2514d ago

Who are the two on the very right?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

The two on the right are Kurenai and Konohamaru. Asuma had a daughter.


They are fake and confirmed in Siyanisland . I saw them sin Thursday even before the release of the last chapters. The little girl in pink next to Hanabi Hyuuga (it was next next to her "mother" kurenai before this site scrambled the pics), well it was supposed to be Asuma's and Kurenai daughter but in the final chapter it was revealed that they had both a boy and not a girl. Also the movie takes place only 2 years after the war and Naruto and Hinata couldn't marry, let alone have twins at that age.

megatron007332513d ago

@plastic man, these are not fake. These leaked screenshots are from the movie. Maybe she had a daughter too. But who knows what had happened with her. There are many possibilities.

The Killer2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

no need for confusioon. the managa's last chapter jumps around 5-10 years to the future, while the movie main focus is 2 years from chapter 699. But no one said the movie cant show some scenes of the future to show how they all ended up. In the end, it is the last movies, so they have to show the best conclusion.

so no need for the fuzz.

naruto doesnt have twins, but Bolt (his son's name) is older then his sister, because she or her mother (hinata) says big brother to Bolt.

as for the boy or girl, he/she is Asuma's son/daughter. from the manga it wasnt clear if he was a boh or she was a girl, but we know from the manga that he had a son, so he must be a BOY.


@ The Killer you are totally wrong. Here are sacns from two languages:


French :

In Both Himawari says my brother and not older brother. Plus in the manga and in the supposed movie leaks they both have same height. They also have the same face and head lineaments and features going from the same Kyuubi's whiskers, eyes, hell they even have same face. I am sure it was on purpose and it will have special repercussions in the upcoming spin off.

@GenericNameHere , oh keen eyes, she has boobs and she is a girl, but what a damn tomboy -_-

She looks like a mix between Shisui and Kagami Uchiha -_-"

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megatron007332513d ago

A screenshot also shows Young Hinata, so maybe that little girl is actually the younger Kurenai? Don't you think?

GenericNameHere2513d ago

These leaks are almost a week old, man. Where you been?

The boy is Konohamaru, the Third Hokage's grandson and Asuma's nephew. The girl (unnamed) is Asuma's and Kurenai's daughter. She may look like a boy, but she's a girl. She has boobs for goodness sake.

To anyone not in the know, The Last happens 2 years after the war's end. Chapter 700 has to happen at least 8 years after The Last due to how the kids look (8-9 years old). So from Chapter 699 to Chapter 700, there's at least a decade timeskip.

zeal0us2513d ago

Well Chapter 700 showed Naruto children already just at an older age.

pompombrum2513d ago

I thought the movie was set 2-3 years into the future? Aren't they jumping the gun a bit with marriage and kids?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2513d ago

It is but the movie probably has an epilogue scene I assume.

Amuro2513d ago

what do you mean by 2-3 years? Because from the war this is like 15 years later based on the fact that Asuma's daughter was a newborn baby at the time.

pompombrum2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I thought it was confirmed that the movie was set 2-3 years after the manga's end. Just look at Naruto's design, there is no way that's 15 years ahead. Like Deaththekid said, chances are there is an epilogue scene which will lead on to the new Naruto managa (think that was confirmed too) which will probably focus on the next generation.

pompombrum2513d ago

Well just finished reading the last chapter of the manga and see where this is going now.. the movie probably covers the transition between chapter 699 and 700.

blackblades2513d ago

I kinda wanted to leave it to our imagination of what happen after the manga. Oh well.

TheAnimeSnob2513d ago

Wow. Look at all these Narutards circle jerking to garbage.