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Otorimonogatari – Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

We, as simple humans, go through life fulfilling our own prophecies. Ones that, whether or not we like, we’re destined to reach. They may not even be that existential, in fact they’re most likely trivial but that doesn’t make it any less real than the ground you walk on. We’re all products of our own environments meaning that, depending on when and how we were raised, we all turn out different. This is basic self knowledge, I know, just bare with me because I’m getting to a greater point. Some of us have grown up tormented by the negatives of life. Hardship and adversity are very real and they mold people in a limitless number of ways.

Some of us grown with a need to be loved, others grown in solitude. Some of us play the part of the victim almost too well, whereas others consider themselves somewhat of a hero. These are the prophecies I speak of, these are the parts of the puzzle we as pieces fit into perfectly. Nadeko Sengoku, she’s always considered herself the victim though life for her, up until the point of meeting Mr. Kuchinawa, was actually pretty good, bar one or two supernatural incidents. Young, in love and far too naive for her own good, Nadeko Sengoku makes a deal with a semi-God in the hopes that things might begin to change for her…which they do, just not in the way that she wants. Whether or not it’s justified, we cannot always play the victim. There are times when we’re forced to stand up and make a decision, let’s just hope it’s for the better and not for the irreversible worse.

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no_more_heroes2506d ago

Question: I don't follow anime all that closely, but I've noticed all these different ___monogatari anime, like this one, Nisemonogatari, Bakemonogatari and about 6 others I can't remember atm. Are they all part of the same series? What do they share, if anything?

Killa782506d ago

They're stories of the same anime normally focusing on a different character each season.

Each one better than the last, and they're all epic

F-Inglese-942506d ago

Killa78 sums it up pretty well. The "Monogatari" series are all based off of light novels. Each deal with the same characters but each have different focuses. "Otorimonogatari" happened to focus on a young girl who comes into contact with a snake spirit. There both is and isn't a proper order for you to watch them in because each series isn't set directly after the one that came before it. If you want to try it out I suggest starting with the first series "Bakemonogatari". After that, do a little research and just watch them in the same order they were released. That's how I did it. :)

no_more_heroes2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Ok thanks, you two.