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Rant: Akame ga Kill! General & Adaptational Flaws

Akame ga Kill! was never an amazing anime. It never boasted exceptional characterization or good storytelling. But I always felt it knew what its own strengths were: action and fan service. It was enough for me to label it “a casual watch” and just enjoy the ride. But all the fun came to an abrupt end because of killed expectations. The only appropriate title for the last two episodes would be: “Kill the Anticipation”.

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TXIDarkAvenger2502d ago

Can never get to attached to a character in this anime because next thing you know they are killed lol.

Amuro2501d ago

they ruined the anime, there's no other way to say it. They catch up to the manga and started changing stuff for the worse.

The way they killed Rabba in the last episode is nowhere near as epic as it happened on the manga, they changed everything.