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Persona Q : Shadow of the Labyrinth Review - Geek Retreat

Geek Retreat: To anyone who is unfamiliar with the series, Persona focuses heavily on matters to do with the psyche. It features a large cast of characters, fighting against creatures known as ‘Shadows’ with their ‘Persona’. A Persona is a manifestation of a character’s personality that can be summoned in combat, boasting elements and attacks connected to the controller. It features a rather unique combat system, juggling both ‘magic’ and ‘weaponry’ combat with dungeon crawling mechanics. There was also the added appeal of the Social Link System, which allowed you to have more character interaction with your allies and is a way to boost their stats in battle. After completing Persona 4 Golden several times on my PS Vita I was hungering for the next instalment to the series. It seemed that I would have to wait until next year as Persona 5 was not due for release until 2015.

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