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Fall 2014, Week 10: Highlights of the Week

And so, the Fall 2014 season begins to wind down with Chaika finishing up this week. Elsewhere, YuYuYu had the week's best episode and Shirobako and Argevollen continue to make poignant observations about their individual worlds.

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iblessall2177d ago

Big props to YuYuYu this week for the magnificently executed emotional explosion it produced out of Fu's myriad of burdens. It's rare that we get to see so many emotions get channel through a single character (it's far more often that they simply just get mad or sad about one thing), but Fu was believably afflicted by a huge range of emotions that eventually congregated in one burst of blind fury.

DivineHand1252177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The real highlight of the week was Log Horizon. Every mmo player should be watching this anime but sadly the casual players are focusing more on SAO instead.

Also even though Shingeki no Kyojin is not currently running, I think attention should be pointed at the OVA that came out that featured Levi. It was awesome and everyone should watch.