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Akame ga Kill! Review | Sea Slug! Anime

Produced by White Fox Studios as 24 episode series, Akame ga Kill! is the anime adaptation of an unfinished manga that follows the exploits of an assassination group looking to overthrow the corrupt empire. While it doesn't even have good writing or the proper foundations, there is no denying that this show takes its audience for a wild ride filled with bloodshed and explosions.

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Amuro2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

just watched the ending a few hours ago and what a freaking mess of plot-holes and nonsensical twists. It's been a while since the last time I've seen something this badly made.

Akame powering up like crazy all of a sudden to kill Esdeath, a character no one has even been able touch during the entire series.

Mine getting killed from just shooting a gun. lol

One of the raksasha demon survived and joined Jaegers but we never even see her again. WTF?

Wave and Run always knew the kind of person Esdeath was and how the Empire worked but it wasn't till the very end that all of a sudden they decided to stop fighting the rebels just because. It really makes no sense. Let alone the fact that they helped on so many atrocities yet here they are, living the life and enjoying freedom while 90% of the main cast are dead.

But now comes the weirdest part... The infiltration and bombs that Lubbock "supposedly, planted. When did he do that? We'll never know because at the time that Tatsumi got captured unless Lubbock had a crytalball to know the future it was impossible for him to plant those bombs there before getting killed.

Then we have Leone getting shot in the stomach like 5 or 10 times but the biggest surprise is not how she didn't die from that till the very end of the episode but how she got shot by some stupidly weak old guy. With her abilities she should have been able to neutralize him in an instant. I mean, here we are talking about a woman that has killed armed warriors by the dozen but she couldn't handle a weak old man with a petty gun?

And seriously, there is soooo much more fail I could write a book about it. It blows my mind how anybody can have a job while being this incompetent. I know they got ahead of the manga and were forced to create original content because there were no plans for a second season but come on....

TXIDarkAvenger2545d ago

I had to watch the end since the manga is still going and is quite different from what happened in the anime.That being said, the ending was okay but not amazing by any means.

TheHergulaX2544d ago

I'm going to have to give it a try sooner or later, just to see what I think of it myself, but the review gives a good look into it.

TheAnimeSnob2544d ago

If you go in thinking about all the plots holes and dumb things then you're going to have a bad time.

Once you get past all the problems of realism, it's alot of fun to see people fight and outright murder each other.