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Cutest Anime Couples So Far

Enemies, unlikely allies, and eventual lovers - they all hold a place on this list of Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples. They love each other they fight to save each other but sometime they fight against each other. Some couples are from the series which are ended but they still have place to be in it.

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hammad4122595d ago

Naruto and Hinata really cute :P

gunnerforlife2594d ago

I don't get why sasuke and sakura are in this list! It was 1 way traffic love till the last chapter! Hell bulma and vegita have more of a reason to be on here then them two! Goku and chichi should definitely be on here!

hkgamer2594d ago

the same could be said for naruto and hinata. goku and chichi didnt really make much sense, always seems like he got tricked into it.

only one that made sense in that list is from fma.

TXIDarkAvenger2594d ago

Yeah, all the Naruto relationships are forced. All of them are one-sided.

PSVita2594d ago

I need to watch the last naruto movie but that coupling at the end was some of the most BS I seen.

chadwarden2594d ago

Naruto + Hinata = vomit and feces

Baka-akaB2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

The only natural couples that ever worked in naruto , were Asuma and Kurenai or naruto's parents .

The rest was basically forced or picking leftovers because Sakura/Naruto wasnt going to happen , and stopped making sense eons ago .

Sakura/Sasuke was an abusive relationship and one sided , that hinged more on Naruto's promise to "bring Sasuke back to Sakura" than any tangeible aspect .

Hina/Naruto was basically just rewarding Hinata because she liked him all along despite no chemistry whatsoever .

Dont get me wrong i'm glad naruto didnt focus on romance . I just dont agree with the way the author suddenly bring it up at all , when its so rushed and badly done .

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