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Final Fantasy Type-0 – Traitors Of Orience Trailer

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Like any real-life war, propaganda is used to boost the morale of a certain side’s men and women while simultaneously breaking the spirit of the enemy. Despite “Final Fantasy Type-0″ being, well…a fantasy title, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an air of truth about it.

Coming only a day after the “Orience News Special Report” trailer which showed just a few of the main cast in a positive light, Square Enix delivers us another trailer which introduces us to more of the crew but is set out like an enemy propaganda film, showing these freedom fighters as cowards and backstabbers.

“Final Fantasy Type-0″ is set for a release in 2015 on the PlayStation 4 both in and outside of Japan but seeing as how it’s still a little while away, I’d say just enjoy what trailers we have right now and prepare for one hell of an RPG.

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