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A Letter to Momo BD+DVD Review - Anime News Network

Anime News Network: A few months ago 11-year-old Momo lost her father (implied to be a marine biologist or oceanographer) to some kind of boating mishap. Ever since she has regretted something horrible she said to him during their last conversation and wondered about an unfinished letter addressed to her that she thereafter found in his desk. Her mother Ikuko moves them from Tokyo to her old family home on Shio Island in the Seto Inland sea, where she tries to encourage Momo to make friends with the local kids that are around her age, but the setting change and lingering sorrow has left Momo in a funk. She gets rudely shaken out of it when a trio of goblins whom only she and another young girl can see appear on the scene and cause all manner of trouble for her (especially with their ravenous appetites!) even though they are ostensibly supposed to be observing her and her mother on order from higher powers. Their actions, however, do (partly unwittingly) force Momo to finish coming t...

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