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Top 5 Fall 2014 Anime Shows | Sea Slug! Anime

As the anime fall season of 2014 comes to a close, it's time to reflect what shows made the highlight over the last three months and there were a ton of good shows to pick from.

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TheAnimeSnob2532d ago

Amazing season all around. Everything was HYPE.

TXIDarkAvenger2531d ago

loved Amagi Brilliant Park. I didn't even consider watching it at all but then I said screw it, I'll watch an episode and then I binge watched the whole thing.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2531d ago

the only one I havent Amagi Brilliant Park

DivineHand1252531d ago

Fall 2014 seems to be the best season all year with a few shows above average and plenty of them being watch-able. For me, Parasyte the maxim is number one with the seven deadly sins in the second spot. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade works might have been number one for me but I have seen the previous fate series adaptations telling the same story with slight variations over and over so I'm feeling a little franchise fatigue. The action scenes in this new adaptation is the best out of all of all the fate series but I preferred the artwork from the original series (Fate stay/night).