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World Trigger Volume Two - Review [SnapThirty}

Frank Inglese writes:

Here we are at “World Trigger” volume two. My likes and dislikes are, surprisingly enough, divided by pretty simple guidelines: Give me something that piques my imagination and allows me to escape just as much into my own head as into the world of the story I’m reading, watching or playing and it gets an everlasting spot in my “Like” list.

Give me something that is one-dimensional, ill-explained and overall boring, and I’ll simply forget it which, in turn, will land it on my “Dislike” list. “World Trigger” I never thought would be a series I’d continue reading.

In fact, I never even thought about picking it up until Madman Entertainment offered it to us but here I am, onto volume two and before I’ve even finished I’m already in the mood for more. Like any other Manga series, volume two continues directly off of volume one so I’d suggest you read the first before moving on, or at least read my review of volume one of which you can find by Clicking Here.

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