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2014 Anime Reflection: The Battle Of LGBT Anime.

Ever noticed how romance in yaoi or yuri anime go either balls deep in the relationship or are even more beta than your average shoujo anime? Really, there is no inbetween. The year 2014 has definitely sparked the comeback of these two genres and, personally, I couldn´t be any happier. It´s not just the anime that are tagged as these genres, either, I mean when have we ever gotten an anime where there is a serious, non-comedic lesbian character who is not the focus of the show? Well, the cutesy and innocent Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha did it and man, was it good. Unfortunately, there´s still a lot of dirt to be found, and you just have to wonder if Nitro Chiral adaptations have a curse on them, right, DRAMAtical Murder?

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